International transfers Private vehicle for 1- 3 persons Private vehicle for 4 – 7 persons Private vehicle for 8 – 20 persons Distance / Time
Krakow to Budapest, Hungary 1450pln or 360euro 1600pln or 400euro 2900pln or 725euro 400km / 6h15m

krakow-to-budapestVisitning new places is one of the most exciting entertainment. A person who loves travels always tries to see as much as it is possible. A real globetrotter will not spend the whole holiday in the same place. Meeting new culture and discovering different beauty is common in human nature.


Poland is one of the best countries in Europe to visit. Unique monuments, breathtaking landscapes, open-minded people and rich culture are totally tempting tourists. It is much better to discover much more than the capital called Warsaw. One of the most beautiful polish cities is Krakow. Long time ago Krakow used to be the capital too, but it is not the only one advantage of this place. Krakow offers much more than Wawel castel, Old Town, famous university or economic hub. This city is also a great point to start a new journey.

Transfers from Krakow to Budapest

Direction that is getting more and more popular is Krakow to Budapest. What do these cities have in common? Two of them are really beautiful but it is not enough. Such travel would be a great chance to compare two different cultures. Our company make such trips really easy to prepare.


Our service includes Krakow to Budapest private taxi driver. This opportunity would be appreciated by people who like feeling unique. We do all our best to provide extra comfortable travel conditions. If you decide to rent our chauffeur, we will guarantee safety. Our cars are well-maintained and regulary chcecked.

Private taxi from Krakow to Budapest

Renting our private chauffeur is the best solution to avoid traffic jams and slow pace of other means of transport. Not being a driver is also a great way to take some rest, admire beautiful landscapes or just enjoy your time in the luxurious car. Our services are much cheaper than flying. You will not only save your money but also your precious time. Visit Budapest thanks to our chauffeurs.