International transfers Private vehicle for 1 – 3 persons Private vehicle for 4 – 7 persons Private vehicle for 8 – 20 persons Distance / Time
Krakow to Berlin, Germany 2150pln or 540euro 2400pln or 600euro 4300pln or 1075euro 600km / 6h00m

krakow to berlinIs Krakow worth visiting? Krakow is one of the oldies cities in Poland that dates back to the 7th century. This beautiful and large city used to be the capital of Poland from 1038 to 1569. It is still one of the biggest centres where polish academic, cultural, and artistic life is developpng. Krakow is also the economic hub. The entire Old Town of Krakow is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Poland. Wawel castle is also breathtaking.

Krakow is not only a city filled with impressive monuments. This city offers new possibilities. Our company provides special opportunity to travel from Krakow to Berlin in extra comfortable conditions. Why is it a good idea to give it a try?

Transfer from Krakow to Berlin

Berlin is getting more and more popular travel destination. This city owns about 6 million residents from over 180 nations. According to this fact , Berlin is influenced by many different cultures what makes it much more attractive. It is well known that the capital of Germany is a world city of culture, politics, media, and science. The unique atmosphere of this place is also tempting to the artists.

Private taxi from Krakow to Berlin

Our Krakow to Berlin transfers is not only faster than another means of transport such as train or bus. It also guarantees special experience. We do our best to find and hire experienced Krakow to Berlin private driver who will take care of safety and needs of our clients. The priority of our company is to offer the best services. That explains why our cars are always clean, well-maintained and comfortable. Our transfer services will save your time, because you will not stuck in enormous traffic jams. It is also a great choice for people who are afraid of flying. Our chauffeurs will make your travel wishes come true. The aim of our company is to make your travel to Berlin satisfying and unforgetable.