International transfers Private vehicle for 3 persons Private vehicle for 7 persons Private vehicle for 20 persons Distance / Time
Krakow to Prague, Czech Republic 1700pln or 425euro 1800pln or 450euro 3200pln or 800 533km / 5h30m
Krakow to Ostrava, Czech Republic 550pln or 135euro 600pln or 155euro 1000pln or 250euro 170km / 2h00m
Krakow to Brno, Czech Republic 1050pln or 260euro 1190pln or 300euro 2000pln or 500euro 330km / 3h30m
Krakow to Bratislava, Slovakia 1500pln or 370euro 1650pln or 415euro 2850pln or 715euro 460km / 4h30m
Krakow to Kosice, Slovakia 860pln or 215euro 970pln or 240euro 1650pln or 415euro 270km / 4h15m
Krakow to Budapest, Hungary 1280pln or 320euro 1440pln or 360euro 2400pln or 600euro 400km / 6h15m
Krakow to Vienna, Austria 1500pln or 370euro 1650pln or 415euro 2850pln or 715euro 460km / 5h15m
Krakow to Berlin, Germany 1900pln or 475euro 2100pln or 530euro 3600pln or 900euro 600km / 6h00m
Krakow to Monachium, Germany 2900pln or 730euro 3300pln or 825euro 5500pln or 1375euro 915km / 8h00m
Krakow to Frankfurt am Main, Germany 3100pln or 775euro 3500pln or 870euro 5850pln or 1460euro 970km / 9h00m
Krakow to Vilnius, Lithuania 2600pln or 650euro 2900pln or 730euro 4860pln or 1215euro 810km / 10h30m
Krakow to Riga, Latvia 3200pln or 800euro 3600pln or 900euro 6000pln or 1500euro 1000km / 13h00m
Krakow to Tallinn, Estonia 4220pln or 1050euro 4750pln or 1200euro 7900pln or 1980euro 1320km / 16h30m