1. Will the driver speak English?

Yes, all drivers employed by our company speak English.

2. How can I book a car with a driver?

Bookings can be done by a phone or email.

3. Can we order some cold drinks in the car?

Yes, our customers can request hot or cold bevarages to be provided in the car.

4. How do we find the driver at the airport?

Our driver will be awaiting you at the airport holding a visible banner with your or your comapny name written on it.

5. Who bears the costs of car-park and highway fees as well as the accomodation for the driver?

This is to be decided during negotiating the car rental terms.

6. Will the driver keep waiting for us if our flight gets delayed?

Yes, the driver will keep awaiting you.

7. Is the driver experienced and familiar with the route?

Yes, before we hire a driver we throughly check their driving experinece and make sure they are always prepared for the particular drive.

8. What happens if the car brakes on the way?

We provide a new car as soon as it’s possible.

9. What means of payments do you accept?

You can pay in cash, driver will accept any currency or you can transfer the money to our company bank account.

10. If our business meeting takes longer that predicted will we be charged with additional costs for the car rental?

Yes, the additional costs will be charged according to the price list.

11. We would like to rent a limousine for our VIP client, can you ensure this kind of high class services so that our customer is satisfied?

We are a proffesional company providing our services at the highest possible level and we consider all of our customers VIP.

12. Can I rent just a bus, without the driver?

Unfortunatelly no, we only provide cars together with the drivers.

13. What is the current standard of your car fleet?

We are always providing our top class cars at highest possible standard.

14. Is the insurance fee included in the car rental price?

Yes, casualty insurance for all our customers is included in the car rental price.