Domestic transfers Private vehicle for 1 – 3 persons Private vehicle for 4 – 7 persons Private vehicle for 8 – 20 persons Distance / Time
Krakow to Warsaw 1100pln or 275euro 1200pln or 300euro 2200pln or 550euro 300km / 4h15m
Krakow to Wroclaw 1100pln or 275euro 1200pln or 300euro 2200pln or 550euro 270km / 3h00m
Krakow to Zakopane 450pln or 110euro 550pln or 135euro 900pln or 225euro 110km / 1h45m
Krakow to Czestochowa 500pln or 125euro 600pln or 150euro 1000pln or 250euro 140km / 2h15m
Krakow to Katowice 400pln or 100euro 500pln or 125euro 800pln or 200euro 80km / 1h15m
Krakow to Poznan 1600pln or 400euro 1800pln or 450euro 3200pln or 800euro 450km / 5h30m
Krakow to Rzeszow 600pln or 135euro 700pln or 175euro 1200pln or 300euro 170km / 1h45m
Krakow to Lublin 1200pln or 300euro 1300pln or 325euro 2400pln or 600euro 325km / 4h00m
Krakow to Lodz 950pln or 240euro 1050pln or 260euro 1900pln or 475euro 260km / 3h30m
Krakow to Kielce 450pln or 110euro 550pln or 140euro 900pln or 225euro 115km / 2h00m
Krakow to Radom 700pln or 175euro 800pln or 200euro 1400pln or 350euro 193km / 2h45m
Krakow to Białystok 1750pln or 440euro 1950pln or 475euro 3500pln or 875euro 490km / 7h00m
Krakow to Gdansk 2100pln or 530euro 2300pln or 530euro 4200pln or 1050euro 590km / 6h30m