• Business transport

    Business transport

    While negotiating with you potential business partners, especially with those high-class ones, social conventions and practices can play a key role in achieving a success. The way you treat your future contractors tells a lot about your company itself. You need to create a suitable conditions, in which the negations partners can discuss the terms…Read More »
  • Vip Bus Services

    Vip Bus Services

    Our main office is located in Krakow, a city visited by thousands of tourists coming each year from all around the globe. Our company offers services regarding not only car rental, we are providing our cars ­ limousines, buses or vans together with experience drivers that can take you to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Auschwitz…Read More »
  • Chauffeur Services

    Chauffeur Services

    Surely each time you have been preparing yourself for a travel you wished that it would run smoothly, comfortably and as luxuriously as possible. It is nothing excentric, especially when you’re expenting the journey to take a few hours or you will be travelling with kids. taking your time for reasearch and considering  all the…Read More »
  • Airport Transfers

    Airport Transfers

    Will you be travelling to an airport, railway or bus station soon? We can offer you an exlusive airport transfers – our cars and drivers are available for you at any time and place. The driver will be awaiting you at the airport or station, will help you with you luggage and will take you…Read More »
  • Vip Transport Services

    Vip Transport Services

    Do you remember what it’s like to travel by an old, worn-out city bus with a lot of strangers? There are the days when you feel this is not of the times you want to ‘enjoy’ these. There are the days when you want to travel in a classy, comfortable way.Read More »